Miori Inata


 I graduated from the Fine Arts University in Japan, and worked there as a Fine Arts teacher. In 1991, I moved to New York and lived there for the next seventeen years. Living in New York, I was exposed to the essence of art in the sheer abundance and variety all around me which awakened me as an artist. 
I witnessed the terrorism of the World Trade Center from my apartment window on September 11, 2001.

It made me think deeply which direction human beings should go, which path the Gods around the world would direct us. I wanted to stand in the places considered the place of prayer to understand. I visited the holy places in the world, continuing to take photographs of each place to see if I could find any answers. Then I went to the Ise Shrine of Japan, and here I realized that human beings have been supported by nature itself, and the deep reverence for nature brought a quiet feeling of deep understanding, of a sense of harmony and peace. I have been taking up the photographing of the Ise Shrine as my lifework since then.

I won a Shinto cultural prize in 2015.                                      

Miori Inata



2019 Chido Musium

2015 A-gallery Omotesando

2014 Columbia University Butler Library, New York

2014 UN, New York

2014 Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York

2014 Toko art gallery, Paris

2014 Pallrax art Fair, London

2013 Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo
2012 Hillyer Art Space, International Arts&artists, Washington DC
2011 Shanghai science-and-engineering University
2010 Yagumo saryou, Tokyo
2010 Wada Fine Arts, Tokyo
2009 Japanese Garden, Monaco
Polish Embassy, Tokyo
Club Kanto, Tokyo
2008 Food and Agriculture Museum of Tokyo Agriculture University (Embassy of Ukraine in Japan)
2007 Wada Fine Arts, Tokyo
Nikon Web Gallery
2006 Artspace gallery, NY
Tokyo Daijingu, Tokyo
2005 Israel Museum, Israel
Iseyoshi gallery, Tokyo
2004 Casa of Robert Mundell (Novel award prize winner,1999)
2003 Iseyoshi gallery, Tokyo

New Jersey Institute of Technology
2002 MOMA, NY
Art show Miart, Milano
2001 New York Institute of Technology
Ississ Gallery, Kyoto
2000 Carpenter Center of Harvard University, Boston
1997 Ississ Gallery, Kyoto
1996 Nikon Salon Gallery, Tokyo
 Rockefeller Center, NY


Harvard University Photography Collection
Fiedelity Photography Collection
Hillyer Art Space


1995 Kodak Photo Contest
1994 American Express Photo Contest
1993 The Villager Photo Contest
Small Works at Washington Sq. Gallery


2020 [An Illustrated of Ise Jingu] by Shogakukan

2019 [Dewa Sanzan] by Shogakukan

2019 [Sun and Moon Pilgrimage Dewa Sanzan] by Shogakukan

2016 [Ise Jingu and Origins of Japan]by Shogakukan

2014 [Holy Places where Miracles Happens]by Shogakukan

2013 [Jingu] by Ise jingu
2013 [Ise Jingu] by Aki syobo
2009 [The sacred place of water and Forest, Ise Jingu] by Shogakukan
2008 [For sacred places] by Shogakukan

& News Paper
Washington Post, Vogue Japan, Hers, Aera, Croissant Premium,
Mizugaki, Yomiuri, IseNewsPaper, Wago, Dou, etc.

1996 Southampton College L.I.U, NY (Photography Workshop)
1985 Tama Art University Tokyo ( B.A.Art/Oil painting and printing)

NHK Junrei Nipon
NHK ShinyabinEtc..

News Zero Nihon Hoso

TV Asahi Ekonosahou



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